Natural Blowing Shank


1) According to the scientists “Sound of the Conch” – is a refinement of the sound environment. With its sound, all germs in the area are destroyed. According to Ayurveda (Indian system of Medicines), diseases of the stomach, jaundice, liver disease, kidney stones, etc. are cured by drinking water of conch. Dumb and breathing patients can be cured by blowing conch on regular basis. Conch blowing is a panacea for the heart patients.

(2) According to Modern science, our lungs exercises when we blows the conch. We accumulates the immense power to fight respiratory diseases. By keeping water in the conch and drinking the same, our bones and tooth are strengthened. Conch consists calcium, phosphorus and sulfur. And the same features are imparted to the water kept in that.

 (3) The spread of disease germs are destroyed and vanished to the ambience up-to where the sound of the conch travels, when blown. It is ecologically pure.

(4) By blowing the conch, asthma, T.B., and other chronic are cured to maximum extent. The scientific reason is that our lungs are filled with pure oxygen & heart gets an opportunity to pump the pure blood at the full capacity. 

(5) If you possess cough, asthma, jaundice, B.P. or heart-related problems, ranging from minor to serious illness and wants to simply get rid of – one way – “let’s blow the Conch”

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