Tiger Eye 7 Chakra Bracelet


  • Tiger Eye’s primary mystical property is that it provides mental focus, confidence, strength, strengthening the connection with will and personal power.
  • It helps you face and overcome difficult challenges and stick to your plans, despite discouraging setbacks.
  • It brings professional and financial success.
  • It also has health benefits for the weak and sick,  tiger’s eye is useful in slowing down the third chakra and flushing out excess energy  .
  • It is also believed to protect you during your travels, because the mental focus keeps you aware of the dangers of your new surroundings and take appropriate cautions.
  • If you have the habit of giving up and backing down from your fears, and of being easily distracted from what’s important, maybe Tiger Eye is for you.
  • Tiger Eye is a beautiful stone whose name comes from its resemblance to the eye of a tiger. It is found primarily in South Africa.
  • These 7 chakra  are also used to promote healing, vitality, and increased life force energy.
  • It relieve stress or anxiety. Each Seven Chakra crystal tumble  has been imbued with positive energy to maximize its healing capability.
  • Enjoy it, heal with it, and may you attain your life purpose as you bathe with the different colors of life and the Universe.

Note : We supply all products with Highly Energized puja path