Crystal Shivling 100 % pure Sphatik Shivling


Sphatik shivling is considered to be auspicious and praying and bowing down to sphatik shivling is considered to be bowing to Lord shiva directly.This Shiv Ling looks pretty good. It makes it glorious. Shivling is charming for your home. Shivling will remove all your problems. It will enhance the beauty of your worship place as well as your house. You can gift this to your loved ones. Sphatik (rock crystal) is the purest and the most auspicious gem in the world  and also very good to keep in house. It gives you Peace and help you to make good future.Worshipping a Sphatik shivling is considered to have same effect as worshipping the “Jyotirling”. Worshipping of Sphatik shivling brings peace, prosperity and happiness to the house where it is Worshipped.  It protects against evil eyes and negativity.

PLEASE NOTE :— This is not the glass made Shivling(Cheaper Option) as sold by other sellers, This Shivling is made in Pure Quartz GemStone & not of simple glass .

Note : All our products are Highly Energized puja path.