Vastu tips for Money Locker

 Vastu tips for Money Locker

Vastu has some guidelines for locating a Cash Box / Money locker. It is believed that following these principles will lead to prosperity and success. 

Vastu Tips for Money Locker / Cash Locker Vastu – 

1) Vastu where to keep Money at Home – Cash Locker should be kept in South West Direction facing towards North as North is a direction of Kuber “Dhan Devta” or we can say God of Wealth.

2) Keep Laghu Nariyal & Laxmi Kaudi in your money locker to increase your wealth.

3) Never keep Money Locker in North East and South West as it may lead to Financial loss.

4) Make sure that the locker is not placed under the beam as it outs unnecessary pressure on it.

5) Money Locker must be clutter free.

6) Hang a Mirror opposite to the Money Locker as it will Double your Wealth.

7) The Money Locker should not be seen by other people entering in the house.

8) Don’t use your Money Locker for other Storage Purpose.

9) If a cash box is visible from the main door, it is believed that all the wealth will be drained out. So, avoid having a cash box in front of the main door facing the gate. 


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