Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu tips for home

Vastu Tips for Home


Entrance Door

  1. Entrance Door should always be perfectly designed & painted and having Symbols such as Swastik, OM.
  2. Direction of Entrance Door preferable to be north or east direction.
  3. The area around the Entrance Door should always be neat and clean.
  4. Entrance Door should never make an awkward sound while opening or closing Door.
  5. The other doors of House should not be bigger than the size of the Entrance Door.


Vastu tips for home

  1. The bedroom should be built at south direction.
  2. Always keep your Head towards East or South while sleeping.
  3. Plants should never be placed at your bedroom.
  4. Mirror in Bedroom should not be placed opposite to your bed.
  5. Place the inspirational quotes, flowers, and positive material at the area which you notice first while entering the bedroom.
  6. The bedroom should be in proper shape rather than rectangular or irregular shapes.

Dining Room

Vastu tips for home

  1. The Dinning Room should be at the West zone of the Home.
  2. The Refrigerator should be placed at the Southeast direction of a Dining room.
  3. The Dining room should be painted with the Light color.
  4. Dinning should not be attached to Toilet.
  5. Natural painting or portraits are suitable and fabulous for a dining room.


Vastu tips for home

  1. The Window or Ventilators should be at East or North side of the bathroom.
  2. The Bathroom should be built at the East zone of the House.
  3. The Northern zone should be given to Shower and Taps in the Bathroom.
  4. The Washing Machine should be placed at Southeast and Northwest.
  5. The color of the Bathroom wall should be bright and soothing.


Vastu tips for home

  1. The Kitchen should be built at the South-East zone of the House.
  2. The color of the kitchen should be yellow, red or attractive and the floor should be made up of marbles or ceramic tiles.
  3. There should be at least 1 or 2 window in the kitchen as suggested by Vastu.
  4. The refrigerator should be kept at the South-West zone of the kitchen.
  5. The electronic appliances should be kept at the South-East zone.

Living Room

Vastu tips for home

  1. Living room should be located at the Northeast or Northwest zone of the house.
  2. Door & Window  of the Living room should be in North or East direction.
  3. Furniture should be kept in West and South portion of the Living room.
  4. Living room must be in the rectangular shape instead of circular or oval.
  5. Dark color should be strictly avoided at a living room, the light color like is the best option.
  6. Telephones should be kept in the South-west zone.
  7. West or North wall is good for installing Air Conditioner.
  8. The seating should be at the South-Western direction of the living room.

 Pooja Room

Vastu tips for home

  1. Pooja Room must be facing North-East or East direction.
  2. Marble should be placed at the Pooja Room one the floor.
  3. Good light and air should exist at Pooja Room.
  4. Pooja Room should never be attached with washroom or toilet.
  5. Pooja Room should be kept neat & clean without clutters.

Study Room

  1. Rectangular or squares shape is good for the study table in the study room.
  2. Study room should be at East or West or Northeast zone of the house.
  3. Children should face towards East or North direction.
  4. The bookshelf should be at west or south zone.
  5. The picture of the Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati can be placed at study room to maintain the positive thought.



Vastu tips for home

Vastu Tips for Home / Vastu for House / Vastu for Home

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