Long Distance Online Vastu Consultation

Long Distance Online Vastu Consultation

Long Distance Online Vastu Consultations are a very easy, convenient & quickest way to avail vastu services for your Space. We all are well connected with the smart communication gadgets and hence consultation is very easier and  more accurate for both of us.

Before the consultation, you will get a preliminary questionnaire to answer and return with a copy of your floor plan and photos or small videos of your space. Our WHITEAURA team will spend time reviewing the floor plan and photos and arrange a time with you to discuss your space in depth.

In order for us to conduct Long Distance Online Vastu Consultations , We need a following Details:-

1. Floor plan or Rough sketch with accurate directions of the site ideally with furniture, objects, painting etc
2. Brief note about the surrounding of the site i.e. road, trees, river, mountain, lifts, staircase, religious places etc.
3. Photographs of the site covering important area, most of all from four sides. At least 1 photo per room identified to which room. 4. In case of proposed new construction, send your requirements like no. of bed rooms, floors, family size etc.

Provide as much as information about the site you can. By utilizing detailed Questionnaires which will be Mailed by our Team, accurate Floor plans , Compass directions and also Video & Photographs. Our Team will analyze your space and provide you with a detailed report with suggestions on how to correctly implement vastu rules into your space.

Vastu report will focus on following important area:-

1. Vastu Layout with 2 options
2. Strength & Weakness of the premises as per Vastu
3. Vastu remedies for defect, if any
4. Improving a space for more peace , prosperity and  harmony
5. Which Colours to use for Harmony and Positive vibrations as per zones
6. How to Energize Your Space

Plus 45-minutes live Vastu Consultation with you via Skype or


During the Skype consultation, Our Team will refer to your floor plan and pictures and other significant information you provide to explore possibilities for enhancing your space and empowering you to create the shifts in your life you desire.

Telephone & Email Back-up support:-

We are always there to assist you after consultation if you have any queries in relation to the property you have consulted. We always encourage you to stay in touch after the consultation and ask if there is anything you are not sure about.

Our Team have conducted Long Distance Online Vastu Shastra Consultations for our clients in many cities of India as well as overseas clients.


7021777705  | help@whiteauravastustore.com

Long Distance Online Vastu Consultation Charges:

Long Distance  Consultation for Shop or Office $ 150 (with vastu Layout & Report)

Long Distance  Consultation for Villa or Bungalow $ 150 (with vastu Layout & Report)

Long Distance  Consultation  for Apartment  $ 100 (with vastu Layout & Report)

Long Distance Online Vastu Consultations


You can also Choose Vastu Reading For Basic Vastu Report .

Vastu Reading – Get Vastu evaluation of your property

Vastu reading is the best way to get first hand vastu status of your property.

Send following details for vastu reading:-

1. Plan of your property for vastu evaluation
2. Mark a directions on the map
3. Provide important placements in each room
4. Location of Painting, objects, idols etc
5. Colours used in each room
6. Photographs of site, if available

Based on above information, Our Vastu experts will analyse a floor plan or a map and mail you a Vastu Report.

Report will cover:-

1. Positive placements in the location
2. Vastu defects, if any in the house
3. Door location i.e. north east, north west, south west or south east, east, west, north, south
4. Opinion about the plan
5. Vastu remedies and suggestions

This is a basic Vastu report and does not cover the designing & planning as per vastu. You can proceed for Long Distance Online Vastu Consultations for the detailed Vastu Report .


Vastu Reading Consultation Charges : $25.00





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