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vastu for office

Vastu for Office | Vastu tips for Office | Vastu shastra for Office

According to Vastu , if there is a Vastu defects  in the Office, then it may have an impact on the minds of the Employees and even their Health. An Office with Vastu defects also suffers huge Economic Loss. It is believed that Vastu defects may be corrected by following some simple measures & placement of Vastu Products . Here are some of the tips to increase positivity and profits at your work place.

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  • Keep the entrance of your Office free from any obstacle.
  • Reception should be located in the North-West zone to attract new Opportunities and Customers.
  • Executives which include the highest level of persons in the company should have their cabins in the West, South or the South-West Zone of the Office.
  • The middle level management should have their cabins in the North and the East zone whereas field staff should be located in the North-West zone. This enhances co-operation amongst employees.
  • Green or dark Green colours should not be used in office.This colour attracts a lot of light. White, cream or yellow are the right choice.
  • Keep a Round or Oval shaped tables in the Conference room, which will encourage good understanding between the Top level and Bottom level management.
  • The Marketing or the Sales sectors that makes easy Cash flow in the Office should have lot of open space to move around.
  • Temple in the office should be positioned in North-East zone.
  • The toilets should not be located in the North-West corner of the office.
  • Place water bodies in the North or East direction of your office space. This is the best direction to place the water in your office. Having an Aquarium , Running Water Frame , Water Fountain , Zinc Helix , Clear Crystal Tumble etc is also an ideal Vastu principle.
  • There should be lots of light and air flowing into the rooms.
  • If North is blocked it blocks Prosperity.
  • A boring ,under ground tank or tube well in South is very harmful for Finance.
  • Keep Dakshin Mukhi Shankh in mandir for Positivity

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Vastu for Office | Vastu tips for Office | Vastu shastra for Office

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