Vayapar Vridhi Yantra with Gold Frame 10inch


Vyapar’ means business and ‘Vriddhi’ means increase. As the name signifies, this Yantra increases sales,
turnover and profits in business or profession, and blesses the owner or holder of this Yantra with
success, progress and prosperity in work & career.
• It blesses the worshipper with achievement of objectives, accomplishment of targets, and overall success
in ventures.
• Increase in business and profits are guaranteed.
• Vayaparvridhi Yantra is for every person who has his office or a shop or a showroom. He should keep the
Vayaparvridhi Yantra at his place and see the difference.

• Vayapar vridhi Yantra is fixed at the place of business and is used for increase the sales and profits in
• Vayaparvridhi Yantra bestows wealth and happiness to the worshipper.
• The Yantra has been tested at many places successfully. The persons who are out of employment or wants
upgradation in their service or increase in the business must use Vayaparvridhi Yantra.

• Beej Mantra for this Yantra :- “Om Vyapar Vridhi Vridhi Namh ”

10inches Yantra with frame

Vayapar vridhi Yantra is Energized by our Vastu eperts before sending to our Clients