Crystal Ball ( Clear )


crystal ball are the most popular symbol to enhance the Feng Shui of any home, and is especially good for creating family harmony and happiness. It is used to reflect bad chi and attract the good chi. According to Vastu it attracts more positive energy as it is hanging on window to attract sun rays to the house. This Crystal is used to deflect and diffuse the negative energy also known as SHA QI. These negative energies are caused by sharp-edged corners outside your home like lamp post, bus stop sign post, power line pole, electric transformer, tree trunk, T-intersection, cemetery, police station, jail.. Etc. This Sha Qi can lead to arguments and tension, sickness, accidents or sometimes even fatalities. The Crystal prevents many dangerous events from occurring; it can prevent illnesses, accidents, depression and death of the members of a household, if used correctly. It uses the principle of light deflection in a simple, practical and effective manner to create big changes in energy without the need to remodel your home. When light sources hit the “leaded” faceted spheres, prismatic rainbows scatter beautifully through your space to add new energy to your space, filter off bad energy, harmonize flows of energy, and attract good energy to a location. Keeping one at your study or work desk can sharpen your thinking power, thinking clarity and business skills while dissolving bad energy. . All crystal should be purified by putting in salt water for one day and washing in clean water. Do not allow a third person to touch the crystal. Cleaning has to be carried out periodically.